Comments from a few of our BUYERS...


"Prior to purchasing a share through Alpine Quarters, one of my biggest concerns was whether the families of the other three owners would maintain the looks of this beautiful townhome. I had never shared ownership of a home with other families, let alone families that were complete strangers. I have now had the unit for 4 years and I can say without question that the exterior and interior of the home are as nice as the first week I used it. Everything has been maintained as it was that first day. I definitely recommend quarter-share ownership."


Houston, TX

"We first discovered Alpine Quarters (AQ) four years ago when we began our quest to purchase a vacation home. Being skeptical of the concept, we followed all of the AQ property sales during this time period, expecting to discover the "downside" of co-ownership. Instead, we watched as one buyer after another stepped in ahead of us, and the value of the re-sales soared. During this period we also read each testimony from other buyers expressing their satisfaction with their experiences.

After four months of ownership we can now validate the numerous positive aspects of quarter-share ownership through Alpine Quarters. The entire purchase process was flawless and our property is perfect. Ultimately, one of the most valuable services that AQ provides is the continued support after the sale. As a result of this support our partnership has developed into a cohesive unit. We are in contact with each other often, making joint decisions to maintain and improve the integrity of the property, and have already traded allocated weeks or days with the other partners.

You may add our names to the list of satisfied Alpine Quarters buyers. Many thanks!"

Lee & Debbie

Edmond, OK

"We wanted to have a place in the mountains we could enjoy as a family for the years ahead and create memorable experiences. We could not have afforded a luxury property like Park Forest on our own. In addition, we cannot use the property every week. One week a month fits perfectly for us."

Gary & Rebecca

Colorado Springs, CO

"We are very happy with our decision to purchase a quarter-share. The combination of location, price and rental opportunity made our decision to purchase a quarter-share easy. We are pleased in the fact that our other partners in ownership are very responsive people and easy to get along with. The other element that made our decision easy to make was the ongoing involvement of Alpine Quarters -- it gives us peace of mind to know that they are there to help us."

Todd & Marcia

Marlton, NJ

"The Alpine Quarters staff makes shared ownership easy and affordable. The whole process has been very positive and efficient. They took care of all the details so we can just enjoy our mountain home.  I love all the wonderful additions; thanks for all the attention to detail. Our family is ecstatic and the fun is just begun! We are truly delighted with our ski condo - it fits our needs in every way. Thank you Alpine Quarters for you assistance in making our dreams come true!"

Laurie & Andy

Boulder, CO

"We really appreciated working with Alpine Quarters.  We looked at some other quarter-shares in Keystone, but the experience and professionalism of Alpine Quarters made a big difference in our decision to move forward.  Doug and D.J. were both very helpful and efficient.  The attitude and willingness to 'go the extra mile' really shows."

John & Julia

Littleton, CO


"Alpine Quarters has exceeded our expectations. Doug and his company have gone well beyond to consider what truly makes a luxury 2nd home experience. The attention to detail, furnishings, function and comfort in concert with the atmosphere of a mountain home is extraordinary. It seems that Alpine Quarters has thought of everything. During our first stay we were stunned at what lengths Alpine Quarters took to make our 2nd home a special place."

Greg & Mary

Columbia, MD

"We love the mountains and all the activities they offer year round.  From skiing to biking to paddle boating, Keystone quickly became our favorite away-from-home destination.  Having looked at various ski properties over the past year, we decided a quarter-share approach was best for us - lower cost, shared fees, property management upkeep and fee simple ownership!  Plus, there's no way we can use a property full-time so the quarter-share approach is perfect!"

Scott & Robin
Centennial, CO


“Working with Alpine Quarters allowed us to purchase a premier property at one-quarter of the price. In addition, as our busy schedules do not permit us to use the property all the time, the quarter-share option was ideal. We are now owners of a premier home that fits our needs perfectly."

Tom & Stacy

Denver, CO

“Thanks for visiting us last Monday and thanks for all you’ve done for us and the Colorado home.  We love it and everyone we’ve taken out has been more than impressed and everyone (we know this won’t happen) is ready to buy.  The quarter share concept really makes sense to lots of people and makes it affordable to most."

Jim & Barbara

Wamego, KS


“The quarter-share from Alpine Quarters allowed us to buy a much larger and nicer mountain home for the same investment. We found the calendar provided as much time as we needed and buying a completely furnished unit requires much less time, effort and frustration. The interior design and finish are wonderful and the location and views are fabulous."

Walter & Jo
Arlington, TX

"After looking for our own place for over a year and a half, we wanted a larger place for a growing family but the prices coupled with the monthly fees made our dream seem financially unattainable.  Fractional ownership through Alpine Quarters gave us a great option: A place twice as large for ½ the investment in the finest location. Secondly, the detail in the coordination and implementation of the legal and accounting aspects of quarter ownership through Alpine Quarters was very comprehensive and thorough."

Steve & Jennifer

Fort Collins, CO

"Our experience with fractional ownership and Alpine Quarters has been nothing but positive. They were very helpful in answering all our questions and the whole purchase process was made simple and easy. Alpine Quarters have provided us with a wonderful vacation home that is the perfect blend of location, luxury and value. The quarter share concept is perfect for families that want a good location, and a larger, more luxurious home at a fraction of the full ownership cost."

Paul & Trish
Lawrenceville, NJ

"We enjoyed working with Alpine Quarters throughout the purchase of our beautiful condominium in Breckenridge.  Alpine Quarters is very professional in their approach to multiple ownership, and all of the bases were covered.  We especially appreciate their quick follow-though to our many questions.  The process for closing the purchase went smoothly using their existing owner’s association documents, including their flexibility in obtaining all of the necessary signatures.  We love our new furnishings and decor—it makes our unit easier to rent out and to re-rent to previous guests.  And of course, we also love the ski in/out location and ability to walk to town.  Thanks so much for all you have done."  

Jon & Laurie
Highlands Ranch, CO

“Your concept of quarter shares is a great one.  What a way to make mountain home ownership affordable for more people.  You seem to have all the bugs worked out."

Ed & Sheryl

Delores, CO

"Working with Alpine Quarters was a seamless, user friendly experience; they thought of everything when furnishing our beautiful Elk Run Villa. Quarter share ownership fits our needs perfectly. Wish we had done this ten years ago!"

Bill & Gretchen
Centennial, CO

"We have been looking to buy a house in the Breckenridge area for several years.  The problem we always ran into was making economic sense of owning a house but only using it for several weeks. Owning a quarter share takes care of these concerns. Now we do not have to spend our entire annual vacation in a house in order to justify its existence. Alpine Quarters has done an excellent job managing not only the closing but also setting up a system which benefits all owners and eliminating most of the headaches which come through owning a house in a far away place."


Andreas & Diane
Kingwood, TX

"Alpine Quarters gave us an option for ownership that we hadn't explored. They allowed us to purchase a much nicer property than we had been considering and for less money. With the fabulous management provided, their concept allowed our family to just relax and enjoy our trips to the Colorado Mountains."

Susan & Phil

Ames, IA

"Our family was looking for a luxury, mountain resort location at a reasonably affordable cost. We wanted quality, views, and location. We found it all at a price that we could afford with Alpine Quarters. The quarter-ownership concept was perfect for our needs. It allowed us the best vacation value, coupled with a fine investment opportunity. Alpine Quarter's attention to details and their penchant towards customer service made our buying experience, a wonderful experience."


Eric & Kathy

Erie, CO


"We thought shared ownership was such a great concept and one that fit our needs, however, we had no idea how to pull it all together effectively. Having Alpine Quarters handle all of the details gave us great peace of mind. Everything has gone smoothly and we love our new partnership!"


Denise & Larry

Centennial, CO

"I was very impressed with the attention to detail. Alpine Quarters took care of everything I could possibly think of to make our vacation home complete. The decor is fabulous. A perfect mountain retreat. By purchasing an Alpine Quarters vacation property, we were able to make a seemingly unattainable dream home possible."

John & Chris
Chicago, IL

"We can both say without reservation that the experience of purchasing a fractional ownership townhouse has been much better than expected. Alpine Quarters was thorough in answering all of our questions, and in keeping us informed throughout the process. We were particularly pleased that our preferences were considered and incorporated as appropriate. Finally, when we saw the furnished townhouse on our first stay, we were overwhelmed with the excellent and tasteful quality of all the furnishings! Thanks again for helping us to purchase a wonderful place to bring our family and friends for a Colorado getaway."

Donna & Larry
Horseshoe Bay, TX

"Alpine Quarters makes it possible for us to enjoy the mountains in a home that meets our needs on two fronts: a well-appointed, well-located 'showplace' to entertain friends and family and hassle-free ownership. Everything we need is there and someone else cleans! One week a month is perfect!"

George & Phee
Greenwood Village, CO

"Working with Alpine Quarters could not have been any easier. All of the business and logistical issues with sharing a mountain home were already laid out and easily implemented. In a short amount of time we went from looking to owning a quarter of a great place in the mountains!"

Todd & Karen
Littleton, CO