Considering selling your vacation home?

If you own a mountain property and are looking for options in selling, consider the shared ownership structure of Alpine Quarters. Across Colorado, Alpine Quarters is helping second home owners find greater pleasure, lower costs and more time to enjoy their escapes in the Rockies.

The Benefits Can Be Tremendous
Keeping a quarter-share of your property can be the best of all worlds.
Dramatically cut your annual costs
Your annual operating expenses are cut by 75%. Enjoy all the same rewards of whole ownership but pay for only one-fourth of the expenses.
Continue to enjoy an abundance of year-round use
Each Alpine Quarters owner has 13 weeks of use spread evenly throughout the year. This provides plenty of opportunities for enjoyment in all Colorado seasons.

Eliminate debt or free up equity
Through Alpine Quarters you take out 75% of the value of the property. Use the funds to retire debt on the property or finance other fun adventures.

Retain clear title and a deeded interest
As a quarter-share owner, you still have rights of ownership and retain clear title to a 25% deeded equity interest.

Achieve a greater financial outcome
Alpine Quarters works with the local real estate community to determine the market value for your property. We buy the property directly from you, so you get top dollar and pay no Realtor sales commissions.

I am thrilled with my fractional ownership experience with Alpine Quarters.


This creative solution allowed me to retain a significant interest in a mountain property I have owned and enjoyed, while better matching the ownership costs with the time I have available to use it. 


I highly recommend Alpine Quarters to owners of a vacation property or those seeking to acquire a true equity interest in such a property.  Fractional ownership of this type is the best way to own vacation property.

 Robert Rohan
Lone Eagle in Keystone

Let Us Help You Find The Right Balance of Ownership

Clients tell us how much greater pleasure they find in quarter-ownership.  They plan their getaways and truly appreciate the escapes. The sense of burden is lifted. Rental income can be an opportunity rather than a necessity. When duties and costs are minimal, your home becomes the vacation spot you always intended.
Whether you want to retain an interest or are looking for a powerful alternative to sell your whole property, we are leaders in our field and are happy to discuss your property with you.

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