Key Features

When you purchase a shared interest in any of our mountain properties, you receive an ownership structure designed for your total pleasure.

Enjoy year-round access to your property
An annual calendar provides an abundance of use in all of the beautiful Colorado seasons for each owner.
The calendar rotates to provide one week of residence every four weeks, beginning on either a Monday or Friday, and includes all the key holidays for each owner at some point over a calendar cycle.*

A beautifully furnished and detailed home
Each home is meticulously appointed with items ranging from mountain bikes to board games. Forget the time and expense needed to furnish your getaway, it's all complete through Alpine Quarters. Furnishings and accents are done in a rich mountain décor.

Management services that assure every stay is a great one
There are property management services in place to keep each home in a clean, working order for all of the owners.
In addition to cleaning the home after each use, the management services process the bills, schedule repairs and will rent the property for any of the owners.

Private locked storage for each owner
Each owner has their own lockable storage area. This allows each owner to keep personal items such as clothing, skis, or pantry items at the location and not have to re-pack them each time they come.

Operating costs split equally among the owners
The monthly costs for the property are shared equally by the owners. The bills are processed by a Bookkeeper who tracks the annual expenses and provides reports to each of the owners. As an owner, you enjoy lower year-round costs and far fewer responsibilities. This truly adds to the joy of ownership.

A detailed ownership agreement guides the operation and upkeep
An ownership agreement establishes the ownership structure, rules and bylaws of the property. The agreement helps all the partners enjoy the home and know that the other owners have the same rules for care and upkeep.

An ownership structure that provides complete property rights
Each owner has their undivided interest in fee simple title which provides all the tax benefits and legal rights of property ownership. Each own their quarter interest individually and exclusively under a common form of residential ownership. Like any other form of real estate, you can sell your interest at any time.

* The calendar sets aside one week each year for scheduled heavy maintenance. Therefore, over a four-year cycle, the average number of weeks per year is just under 13 for each owner.