Allow us to share with you the most exciting real estate opportunity in Colorado --- quarter-ownership of your own mountain vacation property. If you have ever dreamed of that ideal escape but have questioned both the costs and the time you can afford to go, we have properties you will want to see. This is not time-share. Rather, this is true property ownership shared with partners who see the value in working together. Alpine Quarters has brought families together in resorts across the Rockies, and we look forward to working with you. You won't find a better way to own. That's our guarantee!

The Ideal Way to Buy Your Dream Second Home
With the quarter-ownership structure developed by Alpine Quarters, the total cost of a premier second home becomes quite manageable. You can select a far better property, with a better location and more living space, and still spend much less on both the purchase and the monthly costs. With quarter-ownership, the majority of the costs are covered by the other owners of the property allowing you to experience the best a second home can offer. This means a more rewarding and cost effective way to own.

Complete Ownership Rights and a Well- Managed Property
Alpine Quarters is not a time-share company. Instead, owners have separate, clear title and year-round use of their own mountain home. This innovative ownership formula provides fee simple title and a well-structured and well-managed system for sharing a property. Scheduled management services assure each owner that their home is always clean and ready for their use.

The Right Balance
Like many people experience every day, a second home/vacation property offers so much to their families . . . a great getaway, the joys of mountain recreation, and a lifetime of memories. But as most people acknowledge, lives are busy with many other obligations and it's hard to get away every week. In fact, full ownership can often become more of an obligation than a pleasure. With a quarter-share you can comfortably balance your actual time in the mountains with the appropriate cost of ownership.

Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Home
So, go ahead --- dare to dream of all the luxuries and accommodations you would include in your vacation mountain home. Where should it be located? How close to skiing, fishing, golfing, sailing, biking, shopping, entertainment? How much space do you need for family or friends? With quarter-ownership your dream property can become a reality at a fraction of the normal cost.

We're dedicated to helping you enjoy the second home lifestyle the way you have always planned. See the properties available through Alpine Quarters, and call us for a complete information packet.